Advantages of Optic Fibers

1. Optical fibers have greater information carrying capacities than metallic conductors.

2. Fibers and fiber cables are very strong and flexible. So fibres are so slender that they do not break when wrapped around.

3. One of the most important advantages of fibers is that they can carry large amount of information in either digital or analog form.

4. An optical fiber is well protected from external interference and coupling with other communication channels. It is because an optic fiber made of  either glass or plastic is an insulator.

5. Electromagnetic interference caused by lightning and sparking etc doesn't effect fibers.

6. As compared to Copper, corrosion due to water or chemicals is less for glass. Glass fiber themselves can withstand high temperature before deteriorating. 

7. Fiber offers a degree of security and privacy. Because fibers do not radiate energy with in them, it is difficult for an intruder to detect signal being transmitted.

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