1. DNA is concentrated in chromatin .

2. A man should take carbohydrates for getting instant energy

3. The function of DNA in human body is to help in “synthesis of proteins”

4. When we add glucose and fructose in equal ratio then we get invert sugar.

5. Fibrinogen is the content in silk.

6. Ethylene glycol ( an alcohol) is used in antifreeze and in various plastics.

7. “Asbestos" is the material widely used in wicks in ancient lamps.

8.  Carbondioxide was discovered by Scottish chemist Joseph black in 1754

9.  Antoine Lavoisier was first to discover composition of air and law of conservation of mass during his experiments on combustion.

10. DNA stands for Deoxy Ribo Nucleic Acid

11. The process of making sea water fit for human consumption is called Desalination.

12. DNA was first discovered by “ Johann friedrich mischer”.

13. Sugarcane consists of Glucose and Fructose.

14. Saliva of human mouth contains” ptyalin” enzyme.

15. Plants which are not capable of giving flowers are called crystogams.

16. Plants which are capable of giving flowers are called Fenirogams.

17. Milk consists of Kesin protein.

18. Litmus paper is obtained from “Lycons”

19. In drycleaning centers we use petroleum ether.

20. Chemical name of B12 is called cobalmin.

21. Chemical used in photographic plates is silver bromide

22. ”Kwashiorkar” is a disease due to deficiency of proteins.

23. Sex of child is measured by Fathers chromosomes.

24. Blood pressure is measured by using “Spygnomanometer”.

25. Gun metal consists of ca, sn zn.

26. German silver consists of Ca,Zn,Ni

27. Red phosphorous is used in manufacturing of match sticks.

28. In photography, Negative film is cleaned by Sodium Argento Thyo Sulphate Na3[Ag(S2O3)2]

29. N2O (laughing gas) is used in manufacturing of ice creams.

30. The person who find vaccine for Anthrax disease was Louis Pasteur.

31. “Bacterio phase" is a virus used to kill bacteria.

32.  Type of bonding in Graphite is Sp2

33.  Type of bonding in Diamond----Sp3

34.  Salt cake chemical formula is Na₂SO₄.

35.  Baking powder chemical formula is NaHCO₃.

36.  Inorganic benzene, Borazole chemical formula is B₃N₃H₆.

37. Copper turn a flame into Green color.

38. The fizz in soda is caused by CO2.

39. 1 to 120 decibels of sound are safe for human ears.

40. Escape velocity for an object is 7 miles/sec.

41. ENT specialist uses convex lenses

42. Cement looks grey color due to presence of Iron oxide.

43. We feel cold after taking bath due to evaporation of water on our body.

44. Halleys comet takes 76 years to complete one revolution around sun.

45. The temperature of sun is highest in corona layer.

46. Refraction is the reason for hearing of sound waves on surface of sea water up to the larger distance.

47. Cyclotron was discovered by Ernest Lawrence.

48. Oxygen molecule exhibits paramagnetic behaviour.

49. In LPG gas, methane constitutes more than 90%.

50. If you want to see your image in plane mirror its height should be atleast equal to half of your height.

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