What is Radiation?

Well, some times  I see many people struggle to answer basic questions even after going through toughest parts of the concept. This is the reason that I try to focus on such basic questions.

Radiation, is a flux of energetic particles emanating from matter due to Nuclear or Atomic transitions.People always discuss about three important radiations Alpha, Beta, Gamma but the term radiation comprises vast range of energetic particles.

You might have seen different terms used for the word as "background radiation", "extra terrestrial radiation", "Solar radiation" etc.

Background radiation refers to the flux of particles reaching surface of earth due to certain events like explosions in stars etc which is referred to as cosmic radiation or extra terrestrial radiation.

of course solar radiation as name indicates has its origin from events happening in sun. UV, Infrared rays from sun fall in this category.

You can see below some types of Radiation

 EB refers to electron beam.

The picture shows only some types of radiation but actual list is vast.


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