Why to use Fuse?

Any electrical or electronic appliance is designed to take specified current. Under some circumstances, there may be drawing of larger currents by then then what they are rated for.

For instance too many appliances connected simultaneously in a circuit causing the total current drawn to be higher than can be handled by wires. This is called overloading.

The higher current due to short circuits or overloading can damage the appliances and the electric wires may even catch fire. To avoid this risk, a safety device called "Fuse" is used in series with the circuit.

A fuse is a short piece of wire of low melting point which is connected in series between Mains and the Appliance. When the current rises above the safe limit the fuse wire gets melted and makes the circuit open.
Design aspects of fuse like: Material of  wire, Dimensions etc are selected based on the safe limiting of current required.


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