Properties of Longitudinal Progressive Waves

Longitudinal wave motion refers to wave motion in which particles of medium vibrate along the direction of propagation of wave.


1. All the particles have same Amplitude, Frequency and Time Period
2. There is a gradual Phase difference between successive particles
3. All the particles vibrating in Phase will be at a distance equal to nƛ. Here n=1,2,3etc. It means the   minimum distance between two particles vibrating in Phase is equal to wave length.
4. When the particle moves in same distance as that of wave, it is in a region of compression.
5. When the particle moves in opposite direction as that of wave it is in a region of Refraction.
6. When the particle is at mean position, it is a region of maximum Compression or Refraction.
7. When the particle is at extreme position, the medium around particles has its normal density, with compression on one side and rare fraction on other side.

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