Does energy is associated with intrinsic inertia, the rest mass?

We could have the object-at rest-annihilate with an "anti-object", producing radiation possessing energy. so, yes there is energy associated with the rest mass.

While creating object, various particles like electrons, protons, neutrons are to be brought in together. Every bit of energy that goes into creating the object would be accompanied by an increment in inertia according to relation E = mC2

The attribute energy is always accompanied by attribute inertia.

In 1905, Einstein summarized his theoretical disclovery with the sentence,

" The mass i.e. inertia of a body is a measure of its energy content."

Energy in all forms has property of inertia, the reluctance to undergo a change in velocity. The more energy that went into forming a body, the more inertia the body has.

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