Nature of Orbits for a body projected from earth with different speeds

Minimum velocity required for an object to orbit around the Earth  is  Vs =√gR = 8KmSec⁻¹

Let Ve be the escape velocity  required for a body to escape Earth's gravitational field.

Let if  'V' be velocity with which a body is projected from Earth.


  1. V < Vs → body falls to ground
  2. V=Vs → body rotates round the Earth in circular orbit closer to surface of Earth.
  3. Vs < V < Ve → body revolves in elliptical orbit
  4. V=Ve → body just escapes from Gravitational Field
  5. V>Ve → body moves in interstellar space with velocity equal to √❲V²-Ve²❳
  6. V<Ve → Total Energy of body is Negative 
  7. V=Ve → Total Energy of body is Zero.

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