1. Difference between "Mass", "Matter" and "Energy"
  2. All about Force.
  3. Motion in a straight line - Formulae
  4. Kinetic Theory- Formulae
  5. Circular Motion - Formulae
  6. How is Blood Pressure measured?
  7. Does Energy is associated with Intrinsic Inertia, the Rest Mass?
  8. Explanation of words in "The Special Theory of Relativity"
  9. Principles of Special Theory of Light 
  10. Centripetal and Centrifugal Force 
  11. Difference between Kinematics & Dynamics 
  12. Universal Law of Gravitation 
  13. Nature of Orbits for a body projected with different speeds
  14. Why is the sky blue?
  15. How does mass depend on speed?
  16. What is wave motion?
  17. How does an atomic clock work?
  18. What is the technical difference between Gravity & Gravitation? 
  19. What are the differences between Jet Air Planes & Rockets
  20. What is an Event? Relativity of Simultaneity
  21. What is Fluid?
  22. What is the difference between Absolute Pressure, Gauge Pressure & Vacuum Pressure?
  23. Properties of Longitudinal Waves 
  24. Friction - Important points to be noted 
  25. Nature of orbits of satellites for different speeds 
  26. Satellites - Important points to be noted 
  27. Properties of stationary waves  
  28. Speed of light in vacuum  
  29. Law of conservation of energy  

Conceptual Questionaire