1. Atomic Structure - Important points for competetive exams? 
  2. What is the reaction crossection for Helium-3 & Boron-10 isotopes for Thermal Neutrons.
  3. What is criticality in a Nuclear reactor? 
  4. Why does Nuclear Fusion yield more energy than Nuclear Fission reaction?
  5. Why heavy nuclei U-238 doesn't spontaneously undergo fission?
  6. Difference between Ionizing & Non-ionizing radiation
  7. Why does manufacturers coat inner walls of BF3 counters with activated charcoal?
  8. What is Radiation? 
  9. How does a GM tube operate? 
  10.  What is Loss Of Coolant Accident (LOCA) in Nuclear Power Reactors?
  11. Natural Radioactivity in Soil
  12. Natural Background Radiation in Various Cities of India
  13. Binding Energy Curve
  14. What is Heavy Water?
  15. Units of Radioactivity
  16. Uranium Enrichment by Weight & Activity
  17. Fission Fragment Yield of Uranium-235
  18. Difference Between Fission Fragment & Fission Products
  19. What is Binding Energy of Nucleus?
  20. Nuclear Changes
  21. What is ALARA principle?
  22. What is Neutron Flux?
  23. About Americium-241/Beryllium Radioactive Source
  24. Half-Lives of Common Radioactive Items 
  25. Uranium-238 Decay Series
  26. Uses of some Radioactive Nuclides
  27. Uses of Isotopes
  28. Types of Nuclei - Isotopes, Isobars, Isotones, Mirror Nuclei, Isoelectronic Species, Isodiaphers
  29. Inverse Square Law Calculation for Point Gamma Source 
  30. Mechanism of Current generation in Gas Filled Ionization Chambers 
  31. Decay Level Scheme of Co-57
  32. Decay Level Scheme of Co-60
  33. Decay Level Scheme of Cs-137
  34. Decay Level Scheme of Sr-90
  35. Properties of BF3 gas
  36. Comparison between wastes from a Nuclear Reactor & Coal based thermal power plant.
  37. We Live in Naturally Radioactive world!
  38. What is half value Layer?
  39. Calculation of Specific Gamma Ray Constant for given Source Activity & Exposure Rate 
  40. What is Carbon Dating? 
  41. Pauli's Neutrino Hypothesis  
  42. What is CANDU? 
  43. Discovery of X-Rays 
  44. What is Alpha Decay Paradox?  
  45. Alpha particle spectrum - detailed explanation  
  46. What is Internal Conversion?   
  47. Classification of Elementary Particles-Flow Chart Depiction
  48. Properties of Pions
  49. Properties of Positronium 
  50. Pair Production-Conversion of Radiation into Matter
  51. Pair Annihilation
  52. Stern-Gerlach Experiment
  53. Discovery of Artificial Disintegration
  54. Discovery of Meson
  55. What is a Nuclear Reactor?
  56. Plot of binding energy per Nucleon against mass number - important conclusions
  57. Understanding Light - Photon & Wave Concept
  58. Boron Tri Fluoride(10BF3) gas filled proportional counters for thermal Neutron detection
  59. All about Nuclear Reaction Crosssection
  60. Different Types of Nuclear Reactors
  61. Radiation Detectors Overview
  62. Types of Radiation Detectors
  63. How does a BF3 Counter Operate?
  64. Comparison between different types of gas filled Neutron Detectors
  65. What are Self Powered Neutron Detectors?