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Type of motion in which object moves about a mean position i.e fixed point.

Ohmic conductor
Conductors which obey ohm’s law are called as Ohmic conductors. They always have positive slope in I-V characteristic graph.

Orbital velocity
It is velocity of body revolving around the earth in an orbit. It is independent of mass of orbiting body and it will be always along the tangent to the orbit at any point.

The emanation of gases from surface of material resulting from desorption.

Outgassing constant
Rate at which gas appears to emanate from unit area of surface, and is usually measured in units of Torrliter sec-1 cm-2.

The removal of one or more electrons from an atom, ion or molecule.

Oscillator (electric)
Electronic circuit which converts the dc power supply voltage to an output waveform of some frequency. The oscillator circuit is used to generate various waveforms.

Open system
It is defined as a system which exchanges both energy and matter with surroundings.

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