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 Matter which is tangible and can be described by attributes like mass.


Word attributed to “Having shape of spheroid generated by rotating an ellipse about its shorter axis.”


“Having an equatorial diameter greater than distance between poles, flattened at poles.”


 Name given to musical interval with ratio of frequency as 2:1.

Odd-Even Nucleus

 Nucleus having odd number of protons and even number of neutrons.

Odd-Odd Nucleus

 Nucleus having odd number of protons and odd number of neutrons.


It is CGS unit of magnetic field strength. It is equal to force of one dyne acting upon a unit magnetic pole placed in magnetic field in vacuum. It is equal to 79.577 amperes per meter.



 Unit used for resistance.

Ohm’s Law

 At constant temperature, the potential difference across a conductor is directly proportional to current through it.

Ohmic Conductor

Conductors which obey ohm’s law are called as Ohmic conductors. They always have positive slope in I-V characteristic graph.


 Device used to measure resistance.


 Property by which body obstructs light transmission by absorption or reflection. It determines the degree of opaqueness.


Being impervious to the transmission of light as a result of absorption, reflection and or scattering of incident light.

Open System

 It is defined as a system which exchanges both energy and matter with surroundings.

Optical Bench

An apparatus fitted with light source, lenses, prism and other optical devices, for observation and measurement of optical phenomenon.

Optical Density

It is measure of extent to which the medium transmits light or electromagnetic wave of particular wave length.


The degree to which a refractive medium refracts transmitted rays of light.

Optical Fiber

 A very thin transparent fiber made of glass used to transmit light over long distances without much attenuation. They are surrounded by transparent cladding material with lower refractive index. Light is kept in fiber by total internal reflection.


Branch of physics which deals with generation, transmission of light, interaction of light with matter, instruments used for detection of light and devices used to eliminate aberrations in images formed by optical instruments.


It is branch of electronics which deals with theory, design, manufacture and operation of electronic devices that converts electrical signal to visible or infrared radiations or from light to electro signal.


The stored energy which is not apparently shown by a system is called internal energy or intrinsic energy.

Orbital Gyromagnetic Ratio

The ratio of magnetic dipole moment of the electron due to its orbital motion is called orbital gyromagnetic ratio.

Orbital Velocity

 It is velocity of body revolving around the earth in an orbit. It is independent of mass of orbiting body and it will be always along the tangent to the orbit at any point.

Ordinary Ray

One of the two refracted rays obtained from double refracting crystal, which obeys laws of refraction.

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