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Zeeman Effect

In a magnetic field, the energy of a particular atomic state depends on value ‘m’, the magnetic quantum number. A state of total quantum number ‘n’ breaks up into several sub-states when the atom in the magnetic field and the energies are slightly more or less than energy of state in the absence of magnetic field. This phenomenon leads to splitting of individual spectral lines when atoms radiate in magnetic field. The spacing of lines depends on magnitude of fields.  

Zero Point Energy

 Energy possessed by atoms or molecules even at absolute zero.

Zeroeth Law of Thermodynamics

This law was first enunciated by R H Fowler in 1831. According to this law, when two systems A and B are in thermodynamic equilibrium with another system C, then A & B will also be in thermal equilibrium. 

Zone Plate

The optical device which verifies rectilinear propagation of light approximately by wave theory.