1. Thermodynamics-Important points to be noted
  2. Heat Conduction  
  3. Heat Transfer due to Convection
  4. Concept of Thermodynamics - Zeroeth Law of Thermodynamics 
  5. What is First Law of Thermodynamics?
  6. What does First Law of Thermodynamics infer us?
  7. All about Second Law of Thermodynamics?
  8. Third law of Thermodynamics- The Law of Zero Entropy
  9. What is Entropy? - very important points to be noted
  10. What is Black Body Radiation?
  11. Spectral Energy Density, Total Energy Density, Emmisive Power, Absorptive Power?
  12. Perfect Gas Law
  13. What is Equal Apriori Probability?
  14. Difference between Evaporation & Vaporization
  15. What will happen if the bulb of a thermometer is suddenly introduced in a hot water bath?
  16. What is Plasma?
  17. What is Dry Ice?
  18. What is Boyles Law?
  19. Why do we hear hissing sound when we open Thumsup/Coke bottle? 
  20. What is Triple Point of Water?
  21. What is Absolute Zero? How do we define it?
  22. Difference between Temperature & Heat  
  23. All about Helium-I & Helium-II   
  24. Thermal Radiation and its Properties 
  25. Black body and its Radiation 
  26. Kirchoff's Law of "Black body" 
  27. Stefan-Boltzmann law 
  28. Pyrometers - Important Notes 
  29. Gibbs-Canonical Ensemble  
  30. What is chemical potential?  
  31. How can you make oil sink in Water? 
  32. If Heat rises, why is it so cold in the upper atmosphere? 
  33. What does salt do to water that raises the boiling temperature?
  34. Why does water cool down so much slower than it heats up?
  35. How does ice form on a window pane when there is no water?
  36. How do you keep warm in an Igloo?
  37. What is the Physics involved in sky diving?
  38. If you left the refrigerator door what would happen to the room temperature?
  39. Why "degree"symbol is not used to represent Kelvin Unit?

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